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Aussie shoppers help donate an extra one million serves of breakfast cereal to Foodbank Australia

Oct 1, 2014

Kellogg’s is proud to announce that due to overwhelming support for its Breakfasts for Better Days initiative, an additional one million serves of cereal will be donated to Foodbank Australia.

This brings the total donation commitment to seven million serves, alongside a $100,000 donation towards Foodbank’s nationwide School Breakfast Program, in an effort towards alleviating hunger in Australia.

The campaign, which started in July 2014, has seen Kellogg’s donate a serve of breakfast cereal to Foodbank Australia for every purchase of specially marked Kellogg’s cereal packs.

Janine Brooker, senior brand manager at Kellogg’s, hopes the extra million serves will help the one in seven children arriving at school each day on an empty stomach.i  

“At Kellogg’s, we passionately believe every child deserves to start the day with breakfast. With the added support from Woolworths, Coles and IGA as well as our shoppers, we’re excited to be able to extend our commitment by an extra one million serves of breakfast cereal.”

“We know that children who start the day with a bowl of cereal are more likely to meet many of their nutrient requirementsii, including iron for healthy brain development and calcium for strong bones.”

Early findings from Foodbank’s Social Return on Investment Report have highlighted the significance of food donations to families in need. For every kilogram of food provided to a child via a school breakfast program in Australia, there is an equivalent $110 of social value in terms of improved physical health and school performanceiii.

The report, a comprehensive investigation into the true value of tackling food insecurity in this country, was the first of its kind for the not-for-profit hunger relief organisation and will be released in full later this year.

Foodbank CEO Jason Hincks says that increasing the donation by one million serves will have a tangible impact on children and families in need across Australia.

“It’s wonderful to see partners like Kellogg’s, supermarkets and shoppers all contributing towards hunger relief. The importance of breakfast cannot be underestimated – it can deliver an immediate benefit for a child’s general wellbeing, setting them up with the energy for the morning,” he said.

In 2013, Foodbank’s End Hunger Report found breakfast cereal was the number one requested food item by those in neediv, making the extra one million serves much needed.

Kellogg’s ambassador and television personality Shelley Craft knows the benefits of starting the day with breakfast.


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