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Fibre in five – The quick way to help set kids up for the day

Sep 1, 2011

Five minutes of fibre each morning can help set kids up for the rest of the day. While most parents know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, few Australian parents understand the benefits of fibre and how a five minute high fibre breakfast can make all the difference when it comes to helping kids fulfil their daily fibre intake needs.

Over 50 per cent of Aussie mums believe that they are not as well informed as they could be about fibre , even though they see it as the single most important feature in a breakfast cereal .

With 31 per cent of mothers saying that their 8-12-year-old children don’t get enough fibre and 22 per cent saying they are unsure , it’s more important than ever to educate mums that it only takes five minutes to give kids a nutritious high fibre breakfast each morning.

Kellogg’s® nutrition communications manager, Stevie Reid, says a diet high in fibre is important for digestive health and starting your day with a high fibre breakfast each morning can make a significant contribution to daily fibre intake.

One 45g serve of Kellogg’s® Sultana Bran or Kellogg’s® Sultana Bran Buds®, which are both VERY HIGH in fibre, contains around one third of children aged 9-13 years average daily intake of fibre. Plus Kellogg’s® Sultana Bran Buds® has a taste kids love thanks to the great taste of sultanas.

“Recommending a very high fibre breakfast cereal that children actually eat is an important step towards improving the fibre intake of Australian kids. Not only is Kellogg’s® Sultana Bran very high in fibre, it is the highest fibre cereal that kids enjoy ,” says Reid.

Stevie Reid’s top five fibre tips include:

1. Get a great start to the day by choosing a breakfast which is ‘very high in fibre’ such as Kellogg’s® Sultana Bran or Kellogg’s® Sultana Bran Buds®
2. Snack on fruit, raw vegetable sticks or nuts to increase fibre intake during the day
3. Leave the edible skin on fruit and vegetables to get the most fibre out of fresh food
4. Do 30 minutes of physical activity per day. This can help the body digest food more easily
5. Drink plenty of fluids each day to aid digestion

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