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Special K winter training tips

Nov 1, 2011

Your winter training routine should not be the same as your summer training routine, so it’s important to re- assess and write down your goals to make sure you’re in the best possible position to manage your shape this spring.

If you have goals, but you’re not sure what you should or have to do to achieve them - a good place to start might be to sit down with a personal trainer and map out a new exercise plan. This will help keep you motivated in the colder weather and get you focused on your goals. If you already have a training regime, overhaul it to reflect your new goals.

Here are some top tips for staying motivated this Winter:

1. Welcome a new wardrobe: Braving a winter morning in skimpy summer gear is no-one’s idea of fun, so get yourself a new winter training wardrobe! Invest in some warm accessories, like a beanie, and if you’re a regular exerciser, it will probably be time for some new runners, and if you run, it definitely will be! Be sure to get them properly fitted.

2. Plan ahead before bed: always know exactly what training you will be doing the following day before you go to bed. If you don’t have your workout planned you increase the risk of negotiating yourself out of it.

3. Avoid might at night: avoid the temptation of big heavy meals the night before your morning workout. Instead, opt for a high protein dish such as fish. Then, start with a high protein, low GI Special K breakfast and leave those hearty meals for lunchtime.

4. Do the robot: lay out your training gear before you go to bed. This means you can switch into ‘robot mode’ – getting dressed and out of the door without really thinking about it too much – thereby reducing the likelihood of talking yourself out of training.

5. Buddy up: find someone to train with over winter that has similar goals to you. When it’s dark and cold you can help motivate each other. Try posting a notice on your gym or community notice board, or check out some of the boot camps and training groups in your area.

6. Don’t hide from the outside: train outside as much as possible to prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder); a mild form of depression. Getting out in the sun (if it’s around) helps to keep your spirits up and your weight down.

7. Do the loop with a group: join a running or cycling club. Not only are both of these activities great for weight management, they both generally have early morning weekend events that keep you on the straight and narrow the night before!

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