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Kellogg’s and OzHarvest partner to deliver breakfast to those in need

Nov 1, 2012

With Christmas just around the corner, to help out families in the giving season, Kellogg’s has entered into an arrangement to deliver tonnes of breakfast items to OzHarvest, one of Australia’s leading food charities. OzHarvest distributes food to approximately 400 different agencies, directly and on a daily basis, ensuring that people have access to good, nutritious food as soon as it’s available.

Recent research shows that millions of Australians are still living below the poverty line1  and as the demand for food donations continues to increase, families and individuals are doing it extremely tough.

These breakfast items, so far five tonnes of cereal already delivered, will go to helping those in need, and may include feeding some of the 600,000 children who are currently living below the poverty line – many of whom go to school without breakfast or lunch. 2

“Without support from companies such as Kellogg’s, we wouldn’t be able to continue providing good food to those who really need our help,” said Ronni Kahn, founder and CEO of OzHarvest.

“Thanks to these donations, the thousands of people who normally skip breakfast because they can’t afford this basic and very important meal will now be getting a great start to their day.”

Kellogg’s already donates more than three million bowls of cereal to schools around the country to ensure that every child gets the best start to their day, through the Kellogg’s Breakfast Buddies program which was established in 2005.

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Food hunger facts from the End Hunger Report (Source: Foodbank, 2012)

• Demand for food relief is rising. An increase in the number of individuals seeking food assistance is being experienced in almost 70% of agencies and across all welfare groups. More than 1 in 4 agencies reported an increase in excess of 15% over a twelve month period with 1 in 10 agencies experiencing an increase greater than 30%.
• It’s not who you think. More agencies are now providing food relief services to low income households than unemployed households, while the percentage providing assistance to single parent families is also high. Some households with an income are still seeking help with their basic food requirements.
• Food relief agencies are not able to meet demand. Nearly 90% of agencies reported not having enough food to meet total demand. 6 in 10 agencies require at least 25% more food with almost 3 in 10 agencies requiring double the food.
• Food is often the key first step towards a longer term solution. Most agencies agree that food is a significant reason why people seek their services, and the provision of food builds trust, enabling the agency to offer other services such as housing or education.

About OzHarvest
Since 2004, OzHarvest has delivered over 15 million meals nationally and has rescued over 4,400 tonnes of food from ending up as landfill. Using a fleet of 15 vehicles, OzHarvest rescues food from restaurants, cafes, hotels, retailers and food outlets throughout these cities as well as helping in rural areas with their regional food rescue program REAP.
Founded in November 2004 by Ronni Kahn, an event organiser who was so stunned at the amount of food wasted she did something about it. Ronni Kahn was recognised as Australia’s Local Hero 2010 as part of the Australian of the Year Awards. Thanks to OzHarvest, many men, women and children at the agencies that OzHarvest supports, now have a wider supply and variety of fresh and cooked food, fruit and vegetables which they could not access previously. 

1 Australian Centre of Social Service, 2012
2 Australian Centre of Social Service, 2012